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Evil eye Protection Thread adjustable Bracelet.
Pulsera ajustable de Mal de ojo Para la protecion.

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Fashion Jewelry

Evil Eye Meanings
Red- ARIES -"Increases Enthusiasm, Protection from Fears and Anxiety."
Mustard yellow LEO- "Increase Creativity Relief From Negative Energy."
Yellow- GEMINI "Health Protection, Relief From Nervousness and Exhaustio."
Back- SCORPIO "Power and Prosperity, Protection, To Become Inconspicuous"

Baby Pink- LIBRA "Friendship protection, Calm Feelings and Contentment, Relaxing"

Brown- VIRGO "Elements Protection, Stability and Growth"

Aqua- Aquarius "Karma and Protection, Solitude and Peace"
White - Cancer "Protection From Others Purity of Thoughts and actions, to starts a Fresh Beginning.
Green-TAURUS "Happiness Protection, New State Of Balance, NEW LOVE.
Gray-CAPRICORN Sorrow and Security Protection,Confidence to step out of yout Comfort zone"
Lime Green-PISCES "Success Protection,Increase Personal Power."
Fuchsia- SAGITTARIUS "Self Protection, Improve Creativity and mindfullness."

Green Evil eye Thread Bracelet🧿

SKU: 14003
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