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Evil eye Personalized Name Necklace Available in size 20" For Woman and size 18" for Children.
If You Need another Chain size Leave a comment at checkout and we will Try to makes the changes if The size is available. Please Select the Letters according to your Name.
"Rosa = Pay for 4 Letters 
Jacky = Pay for 5 letters 

Monica = Pay for 6 Letters 

Cadena De Mal de ojo Personalizada con Nombre Disponible en size 20" para Mujer y size 18" Para Niñas.

❌si necesitas algun Otro Size deja el Comentario de el size a la Hora de la Compra Junto con el NOMBRE Y Trataremos de Hacer el cambio si el size esta Disponible. Porfavor de Escoger Las Letras cordinadas al Nombre.

"Rosa"= Pagar 5 Letras 
Jacky = Pagar 6 letras
Monica = Pagar 6 Letras


Sizes For Reference

18" Children Toddler size 

20" 22" 24" Woman size 

26" 28" 30" Men Size


Evil Eye Meanings 
Red- ARIES -"Increases Enthusiasm, Protection from Fears and Anxiety."
 Mustard yellow LEO- "Increase Creativity Relief From Negative Energy." 
Yellow- GEMINI "Health Protection, Relief From Nervousness and Exhaustio."
Back- SCORPIO "Power and Prosperity, Protection, To Become Inconspicuous"
Baby Pink- LIBRA "Friendship protection, Calm Feelings and Contentment, Relaxing"
Brown- VIRGO "Elements Protection, Stability and Growth"
Aqua- Aquarius "Karma and  Protection, Solitude and Peace"
White - Cancer "Protection From Others Purity of Thoughts and actions, to starts a Fresh Beginning.
Green-TAURUS "Happiness Protection, New State Of Balance, NEW LOVE. 
Gray-CAPRICORN Sorrow and Security Protection,Confidence to step out of yout Comfort zone"
Lime Green-PISCES "Success Protection,Increase Personal Power."
Fuchsia- SAGITTARIUS "Self Protection, Improve Creativity and   mindfullness."

This item May Not be intended for small children this Piece is a little delicate for BOTH adults and children's so It's important to be careful with the item so the 'LETTERS won't get stuck on Clothing, Hair, Bags, bed sheets Ex things we use on a daily and  Letters start to fall off. 

Blue Evil Eye Personalized Name Necklace🧿

SKU: 14059
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